The anti-Covid vaccine for teachers empties the schools of Palermo: “Too many side effects”

The vaccine for the teachers empties the schools of Palermo. An extra tile on the head of school leaders struggling with yet another emergency to manage. The side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine, administered to Sicilian teachers in recent days, is putting school leaders in crisis who no longer know how to deal with the absences of teachers before and after the vaccination. To join the campaign launched by the provincial health authorities and get vaccinated as soon as possible, some of the teachers ask for a few hours of leave. But the problem arises after vaccination, which in many cases leads to high fever, joint pain, headache, vomiting. And the request for sick days to recover. An additional emergency that school heads are facing, in some cases with an inevitable reduction in school hours.

School, more students in attendance: the principals slow down. “Security guarantees are needed”

by Salvo Intravaia

This is the case of the hotelier Pietro Piazza in Palermo, where the head teacher Vito Pecoraro wrote to parents to communicate that “the vaccination campaign of teaching staff against Coronavirus, may result in the absence of a large number of educational activities of teachers, even as a result of post-vaccination adverse reactions “. “In cases in which it will not be possible to guarantee the replacement of absent teachers – continues the principal – we will proceed, even the same morning, to allow the classes to be admitted later and / or to leave early, without the usual prior notice to families”. It is not only the hotelier of corso dei Mille who has opted for this choice.

School, the return of high school to 75 percent postponed by a week. “We are not ready yet”

by Salvo Intravaia

Even the artistic Catalan, through the director Giuseppa Di Blasi, warns the families of the students that “due to the vaccination campaign for the school staff, it will not be possible to guarantee the normal course of teaching”. In many other cases, school sites announce postponed class entries and early exits to parents. Fabio Passiglia, head of the scientific, talks about the war bulletin. “The more than complex situation is really complicated these mornings”. “We are jumping through hoops – adds Pina Greco, principal of the Majorana superior – to replace the teachers who, perhaps in order not to damage the teaching, ask me for a short leave but then the next day and the next day are absent due to illness”.

In Sicily 12 thousand vaccines a day, but family doctors remain on the bench

by Giusi Spica

“We asked all our staff”, explains Matteo Croce, dean of the Danilo Dolci high school of human sciences, to communicate in advance the day of the vaccination. In this way “it was possible to manage the phenomenon, but it certainly could not avoid those absences resulting from the side effects”. In many cases, the teachers booked the vaccine on the weekend. But it wasn’t always enough to avoid absences. Sabrina Giordano, teacher of Italian at the Borsellino hotel in Palermo, was vaccinated on Sunday 28 February hoping to be able to return to class on Monday. “But, unfortunately, I had a fever of 39 – he says – and I had to take it on a sick day”. On average, in these days, absences are around 10/15%, explains the dean of the superior Almeyda-Crispi, Luigi Cona. Dozens of teachers, janitors and secretarial staff to replace to run the school.