The alarm of consumers in May stinged in hotels and b & b, Palermo in second place in Italy for price increases

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For the next summer holidays there is a sting for the prices of hotels, B & Bs, villages, accommodation in general and even restaurants.
This was reported by the National Consumers Union which conducted a study for Adnkronos, drawing up the complete ranking of the cities with the highest price increases, elaborating the latest Istat data for the month of May.
Although it is not a month of vacation and there were no bridges, in fact, the prices of accommodation services, i.e.
hotels, motels, pensions, bed and breakfasts, farmhouses, holiday villages, campsites and youth hostels, have already risen on the national average.
by 12.5% ​​on May 2021: + 14.7% hotels and motels, + 10.7% pensions, + 0.4% holiday villages, campsites and hostels.
But the differences on the territory are abnormal, over 58 percentage points of difference between the worst city and the best.
A symptom also of a different recovery in tourist demand, still patchy, with some tourist cities even in deflation.

Leading the ranking of the city with the highest rises in the hotel sector is Turin, with an astronomical leap of 40.5% compared to last year.
In second place Palermo, with an annual increase of 36.5%.
Bronze medal in Siena with + 30.7%.
Just off the podium Bologna with + 28.9%.
Followed by Teramo (+ 23.5%), in sixth position Milan (21.6%), then Trieste (+ 20.7%), Como (+ 20.2%) and Rome (+ 19.6%).
Viterbo closes the top ten (+ 19.3%).

On the other side of the ranking, the sensational figure of Venice, in deflation with a fall in prices on an annual basis of 17.5%.
The second most virtuous city is Caltanissetta (-4.9%).
On the lowest step of the podium Trapani (-1.2%).
Livorno is also in deflation (-0.4%).
Unc conducted an analysis of the increases also on a monthly basis, May compared to April 2022, which shows that Turin remains at the top of the top ten with +33.2%, while in second place is Siena (+28.1 %) and in the third Palermo (+ 18.8%).
Followed by Bologna which maintains fourth place (+ 14.9%) while in 5th place is Syracuse (+ 13.3%), Lucca (+ 13.2%), Parma (+ 11.6%), Rimini (+ 11.4%), Campobasso (11.2%) and Como (+ 10.8%).

“The fact that in some cities the hotel price increases are contained, while in others they are disproportionate and abnormal, given that the expensive bills and the expensive food weigh equally throughout Italy, means that some are taking advantage of the desire for holidays and of normality of Italians or of some important event to raise prices and make up for the losses of past years in too short a time “.
This is what Massimiliano Dona, president of the National Consumers Union states, commenting with Adnkronos on the evidence of the study prepared by Unc which compiled the complete ranking of the cities with the greatest increases on the latest Istat data for the month of May.

“It is clear, for example, that in Turin there was gleefully speculated on the Eurovision Song Contest, with the prices of hotel services flying by a third in just one month, + 33.2%, an unacceptable jump.
– he underlines – Not far better in Siena, in second place of the economic increases with a huge + 28.1% on April 2022, or in Palermo, in third place with + 18.8% on the previous month.
Not even in Bologna there is to be happy, + 14.9% in just one month “says Massimiliano Dona.


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