The 90 splendid years of the order of agronomists of Ragusa Ragusa

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Ragusa – Since 1930 they have been the “mortar” that has cemented several subjects, from public to private ones, favoring their amalgamation and relaunching connections for clear objectives: quality in the world of agricultural and livestock production.
They are the Agronomists and Forestry Doctors of the province of Ragusa whose professional Order, chaired by the Agronomist Giuseppe Dipietro, has celebrated its “90 years and more”.
Three days of events, at the Chamber of Commerce and with company visits on the territory, with agronomists and foresters from all over Sicily but also from various areas of Italy, ready to meet with speakers and experts on the great theme of innovation in the agricultural supply chain .

Round tables, reports and lectio magistralis, the main points of the three days promoted with the coordination of the Agronomist Franco Celestre and which also saw the inauguration of the related exhibition, curated by the Agronomist Prof.
Orazio Sortino, with some of the most important exhibits scientific works and studies carried out over the years by the Agronomists and Foresters of the Hyblean area, starting with the more historic one by Clemente Grimaldi.
At the end of the event, the good intentions born from the confrontation remain, as explained by Dipietro himself: “We had the opportunity to read the entire territory through the special magnifying glass of the Agronomists and Forestry Doctors.

It is possible to combine a territorial agricultural system that needs to relaunch connections and relationships that the current crisis, also due to the pandemic, has slowed down.
Having put together in these three days, companies, institutions, banks, sponsors, we believe it could have been, together with us Agronomists and Foresters, a new starting point for a renewed cohesion, collaboration and synergy, to look together at innovation in the field of agriculture, to seize opportunities that none of these subjects alone would be able to see comprehensively “.
Numerous guests attended the event, starting with Forestry Doctor Sabrina Diamanti, President of Conaf, to Doctor Agronomist Stefano Poeta, President of Epap, to Doctor Agronomist Piero Lo Nigro, President of Fodaf.
Among others, the interventions of Undersecretary Francesco Battistoni, of Agronomist Felice Assenza, Head of the Department of the Central Inspectorate for the protection of quality and the repression of fraud of MIPAAF agri-food products, of the university professor Stefano Masini, of the researcher Rosario Mauro are important.

The lectio magistralis of Assenza focused on unfair practices in agricultural supply chains.
“I believe that trying to overcome them or mitigate their effect is the goal to look at – said Assenza – Today we talk about the supply chain, the integration of a process that sees farmers and consumers on the same level, both dialoguing, both loyal .
Hence the look at the unfair practices to be fought and the need to look at the agriculture of the future, as pointed out by prof.
Masini, second environment, sustainability and economy.
And in this sense the role of the Order of Agronomists and Foresters is important “.
And also the round table entitled “Hyblean agriculture in the international scenario”, moderated by Silvio Balloni of the Conaf National Council, thanks to the close synergy with the LAG Terra Barocca (represented by Salvatore Occhipinti, with the LAG Valli del Golfo (Anastasia Licitra ) and the LAG Natiblei (Vincenzo Parlato), made it possible to question the future of the profession precisely in the objectives of improving quality.

A 360-degree comparison between the pros and cons of a sector, that of agriculture, which is constantly changing, but also with primates, the Hyblaean ones, starting for example from the resources used in the RDP for research, which project forward this part of Sicily.
“As LAG Terra Barocca we are for shared participation – explains director Salvatore Occhipinti – Occasions like this allow us to interact further with the territory but also become an opportunity for promotion.
It is no coincidence that we have developed panel tests on wines, oil, cheeses, and together with the Intesa project, also on cherry tomatoes, to acquire information on the perception of our excellent productions which are increasingly ambassadors of our territory.
We are working on the Enjoy Barocco tourist destination, alongside the strategy on sustainable mobility, and the goal is precisely the territory and its enhancement “.
A goal shared also by the Valli del Golfo LAG which involved protection consortia, such as that of Cerasuolo di Vittoria Docg wine, for the enhancement of local excellence.

“We want to promote biodiversity together with the typicality of our products – explains Anastasia Licitra representing the president on.
Francesco Aiello – Soon there will be important calls for tenders aimed at enhancing, protecting and protecting parks and reserves, which are strategic territorial elements “.
An important role, that of agriculture, to which the Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa, intervened with the reports of the vice president Dr.
Carmelo Arezzo and dr.
Alessandro Angelica, dedicated an award on agriculture 4.0, an award won, following a tender, by Giuseppe Fiorenzo and Emanuele Blanco who presented their innovative studies.
“Our bank, since its inception, has always been close to the agricultural world – explained the vice president Arezzo – The Iblean economic fabric is one of the most effervescent, despite the crisis and also thanks to the support of the bank we create paths for new perspectives business.

The strength of agriculture in our reality is really important just think of 2019 with an added value for Ragusa of 8.7%, the highest in Sicily (4.1%), while in the South it is 3.7% and in Italy by 2.1%.
Therefore, concrete support for companies, families and the territory, with the aim of leading change by the hand, also thanks to innovation, as in the case of this award which enhances agriculture 4.0 “.
A positive message that looks to the future.
During the event, commemorative pins were given to the previous presidents of the Order and to colleagues who have been members for more than 40 years.
“A moment between history and memories, but also the future – commented Agronomist Franco Celestre, who chaired the celebrations committee – A heartfelt thanks to the numerous institutional and private sponsors who contributed to the success of the event”.

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