the 30-year sentence for the murderer becomes definitive

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 08:30

Share The Court of Cassation puts the seal on the 30-year sentence of imprisonment against Daniele Lodato, 34, convicted of Canicattì, accused of the murder of 22-year-old Marco Vinci. The boy was stabbed to death at the height of a dispute on 17 June 2017 in front of a pub in Piazza San Domenico. An episode that shocked the community of Canicattì for the brutality with which the murder was committed. A quarrel that ended in tragedy, a trivial quarrel that would have arisen inside the room and continued outside. It would all begin when Lodato would have made compliments towards a woman. The latter would have been defended by Vinci. From words to deeds: Lodato, after having had a fight with the 22-year-old and some of his friends, would have gone away with the scooter to take the car on which there was a knife. With that white weapon he would then have consumed his revenge: Vinci, who in the meantime had moved away a few meters and was in the square near the parking lot, was hit with a slash in the stomach and died shortly after. Lodato, in the interrogation to validate the arrest, had essentially admitted the facts, adding that he had been attacked. A version that, at the trial, he tried to reinforce by denying that he had returned to take the knife (“I went back to take a friend home”, he said) and explaining that he had been “beaten to death”.

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