The 10 Common Mistakes that Tourists Make in Palermo

Hi Nico here! I am going to talk about the most common mistakes I see foreigners make in Palermo. 1. Trusting TripAdvisor 2.


  1. I will be there in two weeks for work. I'm so excited!! I can't speak italian, only English and that's make me scary because maybe ı can't socialize :/

  2. Nico, This was helpful. Can you recommend a tour guide or tour company? Thank you!

  3. Wow .. sono contenta che ho trovato il tuo canale – cosi interessante. Grazie mille per queste preziose informazione! Molto utile! putroppo il tuo guide non é accesibile piu, come ho appena visto.. Quando sara possibile di ricerverlo di nuovo? 🙏💚 Grazie!

  4. I have learned a little Italian and dressing like an Italian couple instead of tourists we have never had anything but the best experiences. It helps that while we are not Italians we look Italian, My wife could pass for Sicilian especially when she dresses in her favourite colour….black. I disagree about a strict itinerary….wander and be amazed at what you discover.

  5. Good info, lived in Palermo 2 years, I don't agree with No 7 I find staff can be very warm.

  6. This is very informative. I have visited Palermo dozens of times but hardly ever as a tourist. I used to visit my relatives often in nearby Aspra, staying in my mother's house so I would visit Palermo frequently, I love Palermo. I would either go with friends or relatives or hop on the train from Bagheria to go shopping and see the sights. Knowing how Palermo works, this is excellent advice. I have friends here in California that ask me about visiting Palermo so next time I will direct them to your channel.