“Thanks to vaccines we are limiting hospital occupation”

“When the Musumeci government took office there were about 350 intensive care beds, today we are more than double and we are building the network of sub-intensive therapies. From this point of view, we are much faster than many other Italian regions” . To take stock of the situation is the Regional Health Councilor, Ruggero Razza, who today delivered two new sub-intensive therapies, for a total of 15 beds, to the Policlinico di Catania. In total, 95 new intensive and sub-intensive care places have already been created by the Commissioner Structure throughout the island, as part of the plan to upgrade the regional hospital network.

Razza reiterated that “Thanks to vaccinations we are reducing hospital occupation in an extraordinary way. This means that the virus continues to circulate, but there are tools that science has given us to fight it”.

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