Thanks to Umberto I cardiology doctors and nurses for the smiles in the ward, a letter from a Syracusan patient

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“Thanks to the medical and nursing team of the cardiology and hemodynamics department of the Umberto I hospital because they are able to transform the days of hospitalization into peaceful and reassuring moments”.
This, in a nutshell, is the letter from a reader, Sergio, sent to the editorial staff of SiracusaNews and to Asp Arezzo.

Below we publish the note in full version:

“It is not always necessary to denigrate or speak ill of the health personnel, sometimes we forget what these angels have put in place for those who have needed and need.
That’s why I sent an email to the general manager of the ASP to express compliments towards an elite department that of cardiology and hemodynamics where human lives are saved every day.

Whatever they say, as I have always maintained ever since the pandemic brought the planet to its knees and we all praised these angels, and then denigrated them if not attacked them in the wards or in the emergency room, today I put it even more in writing with an email forwarded to the general manager of the ASP to thank this wonderful team of excellence of the hemodynamics and cardiology department of the Umberto I hospital who with great self-denial, sense of duty, professionalism but above all smile and affection have made days in the hospital serene and reassuring.

Thanks from my heart to Dr.
Garro, Dr.
Sacchetta, Dr.
Santonoceto and the nursing group Sabrina Amata, Valentina Cavallaro, Davide Blanco, Paola Pezzano, Barbara Corso, Federico Castelli, Pici Calogero, Luca Romano, Mariella Fortuna and the legendary Nino trainer of the hemodynamics room.
To those who have little confidence I only say that I have more respect for these great professionals that we have needed and will always need ”.

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2022-08-06 08:51:00

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