thanks to the Carabinieri who work to protect our assets

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The safety and protection of cultural heritage through the prevention and repression of violations of the legislation for the protection of cultural and landscape heritage is a specialty sector that has been entrusted to the Carabinieri.
About today the Anioc delegation from Agrigento (National Association of Honors of Knighthood) has organized a conference of its own on the protection of cultural heritage in the Sicily region.

“It is the fifth initiative of this kind that takes place within the provincial command of Agrigento – explains the provincial delegate Anioc comm.
Gaetano Marongiu – We are happy to bring this issue forward and we thank the Carabinieri who work every day to save the citizens and continue to protect all the cultural heritage ”.

The introduction of the conference was entrusted to the provincial commander col.
Vittorio Stingo, which he announced among other things the recovery in Lombardy of precious ex voto paintings of San Calogero which will be returned to the city on the occasion of the celebrations of the Black Saint.

There are many activities recently carried out by Cultural Heritage Protection Unit of the Carabinieri Palermo who recently delivered two manuscripts and a dictionary to the Biblioteca Lucchesiana in Agrigento which had been stolen and which now constitute the identity of the community.

“The province of Agrigento has been the scene of particular recoveries of assets that constitute a great cultural heritage, declares Gianluigi Marmora, commander of the Cultural Heritage Protection Unit of the Palermo carabinieri who was entrusted with the report of the conference by Anioc.
We are in the area and we are able to overcome the various problems that exist, such as the clandestine excavations that affect almost all of Sicily “.

The event was attended by Roberto Sciarratta director of the Valle dei Templi Archaeological Park in Agrigento, the mayor Franco Miccichè, and other institutional positions.
At the end of the conference, Anioc certificates were delivered to the new members.

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