Territory control: four individuals reported in Castelvetrano, Santa Ninfa, and Partanna

During weekend patrols to enhance security in the city center of Castelvetrano, the Carabinieri reported four individuals for various offenses. A 39-year-old local resident, who was under special surveillance for public safety, was found walking in the city center. A 52-year-old from Santa Ninfa, who was under house arrest, was not present during a check by the officers and had apparently left his residence without permission. A 22-year-old from Partanna was reported for drunk driving, as his blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit when he was stopped while driving. His driver’s license was confiscated. Lastly, a 70-year-old from Castelvetrano was found in possession of two illegal switchblade knives, as well as small quantities of hashish and cocaine, during a traffic stop. He was reported to the prefecture of Trapani for administrative violations.

Controllo del territorio, quattro denunciati tra Castelvetrano, Santa Ninfa e Partanna

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