Territory collects signatures to regulate the stop in Marina di Ragusa


The Territory Movement has launched a collection of signatures in Marina di Ragusa to ask the mayor "a more rational and more functional regulation of parking areas in the areas of residents of Marina di Ragusa that fall in the quadrilateral around the Parish of Maria Santissima di Portosalvo and exactly in the arteries that from Via del Mare branch off to the ridge and to the left ".
Already last August the Territory Movement had sent a note to the mayor asking for a reworking of the provision on the viability referred to in the council resolution of 15 July. This provision only regularized the rest areas of the streets that intersect the Mediterranean waterfront near the Tourist Port, leaving the heart of the hamlet devoid of adequate regulation. The Territory Movement had also suggested an operational comparison to plan the roads for the next summer season. But this request for comparison, to date, does not …

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