Terrasini Scruscio returns: three days with Luca Barbarossa, Marco Masini and Red Ronnie

Scruscio is back, on time, as has now been the case for fourteen editions, one of the most eagerly awaited reviews of the summer. A guest in the evening, two stools, often one or more instruments, to get involved in songs, encounters, protagonists and memories. Scruscio, the festival that highlights all that is beautiful is linked to Sicily, in three evenings, from next Monday (22 August) then also Tuesday and Wednesday evening, again at the Museum of Palazzo D’Aumale, in Terrasini, where has moved from 2019 after many years spent in Cinisi.

Three evenings of entertainment, conducted as always by the showman Massimo Minutella – who created Scruscio in 2009 with Norino Ventimiglia -, with singers and musicians ready to talk about themselves on stage. Lightly. In this 2022 Luca Barbarossa and an elusive trio of young music ladies, Marco Masini, who will celebrate thirty years of career in Scruscio, and Red Ronnie, who as usual will open the trunk of memories, anecdotes, accepted the invitation of the festival and interviews, to offer his particular recipe for success to young musicians; all accompanied by the LabOrchestra. The free tickets have already flown away in a few hours, made available for the first time, on the App of the Municipality of Terrasini. “Everyone brings with them a piece, a part of this island that will always make them return home: Scruscio is the voice of those who have chosen to live in Sicily and of those who have fallen in love with the island,” says Massimo Minutella.

And here we are at the festival in detail: it will be three evenings and we start next Monday at 9 pm at Palazzo D’Aumale with Luca Barbarossa who will share the space with three protagonists of Sicilian music such as Simona Trentacoste, Chiara Minaldi and Giorgia Meli. It will be them, each with her personal voice, darker or lighter, more gritty or softer, more jazz or more pop, to duet with the author of Rome stripped, Via Margutta or Take me out to dance, with which Sanremo won in 1992, exactly thirty years ago. Today Luca Barbarossa is among the protagonists of Radio2, he always carries his music around and a few months ago he also published his first autobiographical novel, Don’t miss out on anything (Mondadori).

Tuesday (23 August) is instead the turn of another winner of the Sanremo Festival (with The flying man in 204), Marco Masini, a longtime friend of Massimo Minutella, who had promised him a party for his thirty years of career with musical tributes, stories and anecdotes: there was Covid which made the appointment postponed , but here they are together on the stage of Scruscio with the LabOrchestra. Also alongside the author of It would take the sea there will be three young ladies of music from as many different corners of Sicily: Giovanna D’Angi from Messina, Miele from Nissen and Carmen Ferreri from Erica.

Wednesday (August 24) ends with a welcome return: Red Ronnie will grab the microphone and it will be difficult to tear it from him, given the amount of stories he is ready to spread. By proposing to the young artists who will be at his side, his very particular lesson for success. Worthy counterpart, Massimo Minutella and the LabOrchestra, who will give a particular musical look to each piece that Red Ronnie will pull out of his inexhaustible collection.

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