Terms, disposable plastic banned in the schools of the First Educational Circle


Disposable plastic at the ban in childhood and primary schools (plessi Gardenia and Pirandello) of Termini Imerese. Stop therefore to glasses, plates, glasses for coffee and bottles: students will use the aluminum water bottles distributed by the institute, as indicated by the Ministry of the Environment. The "First didactic club", after joining the #StopSingleUsePlastic appeal in schools, launched by Marevivo Onlus, sent a circular to the staff to communicate the news.

"The First Educational Circle – says the principal Carmelina Bova – has always pursued the themes of environmental protection and recycling, so that the problem of disposable plastics that suffocate our planet, and in particular our seas, seemed to us a excellent educational and educational inspiration for our students ”.

Giuseppe Di Maio, president of the club council and president of the citizen environmental committee Mare Nostrum, was also enthusiastic: “As an environmentalist I can only be happy with this initiative. I am convinced that school is the main way to educate the citizen of tomorrow to respect the environment and the common good. This initiative must be a pride for Termini Imerese and I hope it can be a stimulus and an example for all the other schools in the area that I hope will follow suit, so as to lay the foundations for a truly attentive and aware society ".

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