Termini Imerese, the Cassation confirms the ineligibility of the former mayor Giunta

The judges of the Court of Cassation confirmed the ineligibility of Francesco Giunta for the office of mayor of the Municipality of Termini Imerese. The story begins in May 2017, when the district electoral commission admitted Giunta to the competition for the mayoral election, despite the fact that he had negotiated a 16-month sentence.

The district electoral commission accepted the thesis of the lawyer who assisted Giunta who in the opinion had argued that, pursuant to the Severino law, the ineligibility would be triggered only in the event of a sentence exceeding six months and in the event of dispute of the aggravating circumstance of having committed the act with abuse of powers, or with violation of the duties inherent in a public function or public service, aggravating circumstance not applied to the aspiring mayor. On the basis of the decision, Giunta ran as a candidate and was elected.

Against the election, the defeated candidate for mayor Vincenzo Fasone and the electors Salvatore Curreri, Franco and Michele Ciofalo, assisted by the lawyers Girolamo Rubino and Giuseppe Impiduglia, presented an appeal to the Court of Termini Imerese. The mayor in 2019 had resigned due to another legal case. The Court of Appeal in light of the resignation declared in 2020 the cessation of the matter of dispute. The former mayor presented an appeal to the Cassation against the decision, which confirmed his ineligibility.

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