Tension and fear in Palermo: feud between families near Villa Costa

In the early afternoon today in Viale Lazio, a heated argument involving at least five people from two different families caused a disturbance in front of Villa Costa, resulting in the need for police intervention. Seven police cars arrived on the scene and officers had difficulty restoring calm. The tensions were reportedly caused by a relationship between two twenty-year-olds, which had started against the wishes of their parents. The girl had also discovered she was pregnant, leading to a planned meeting which was meant to clarify the situation but instead escalated. An ambulance had to be called to assist the pregnant young woman. The incident also caused traffic disruptions in the area, with many curious drivers slowing down to see what was happening. The police identified those involved and an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Palermo, caos e paura in viale Lazio: lite tra due famiglie davanti a Villa Costa

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