“team that grows and strengthens”

The League today formalizes its structure in the province of Agrigento.

I will avail myself personally, says Annalisa Tardino, MEP and political coordinator of the League, of the work and trust of Giancarlo Granata and Mario Bellino, whom I indicate as my Deputy. The appointments, which complete the territorial expansion work already started in the various municipalities of the province, were made together with the provincial manager, Hon. Vincenzo Giambrone, with whom we are working in the area with great synergy. A team that grows and strengthens, also in view of the upcoming electoral competitions, which will see us engaged, with Vincenzo Giambrone, in building lists and programs that meet the needs of our citizens. Finally, thanks go to the regional secretary, Hon. Nino Minardo, for the attention paid to our province ”.

Ornella Russello is confirmed in charge of membership, while Marcella Bellia is entrusted with the provincial secretariat and Marcello Fattori becomes organizational manager. New responsible for local authorities is Carmelo Pace.

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