team temporarily entrusted to captain Fallea and Cocuzza

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 15:28

Share With the resignation of the coach Andrea Pensabene after the defeat against Sciacca and the close engagement in the Italian Cup against Nissa, Pro Favara has appointed captain Fallea and vice-captain Cocuzza to direct the team pending the choice of the successor of the Palermo coach. This was communicated by the Gialloblù club itself in a press release. “This morning the team was led by the two players – declares the president of Pro Favara Rino Castronovo – in the finishing training in view of the Italian Cup match scheduled for tomorrow in Caltanissetta. I thank the two players and the group for the sense of responsibilities that are manifesting in these particular days. We are evaluating the best profile to entrust the bench and, in the meantime, full confidence in the group made up of experienced players and youngsters. There is a united locker room and a great desire to get out of this black period of results and to resume the real path. The squad is competitive and Pro Favara has what it takes to give their fans the right satisfaction. I ask our supporters to remain, as always support and peace of mind for the team “.

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