teachers are back in quarantine

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 08:34

Share The students of the Gangitano middle school who are in home isolation because they are positive for Covid have risen to two. Reason why some teachers who, in recent days, had already been in quarantine and then, after the negative result of the swab, had returned to class, are now home again waiting for further diagnostic tests. The newspaper La Sicilia reports today. To confirm that the situation is under control was the head teacher Ivan Capucci: “All our staff – he told the Catania newspaper – are vaccinated with a double dose and equipped with a green pass. The infected are two pupils who are however asymptomatic or with mild symptoms. As usual, the pupils and teachers directly involved were placed in quarantine “. Coronavirus, there is also a positive child at the Mariano Rossi institute: drive-in to swab the students

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