Teachers and employees were not harassed. The school manager was acquitted

PALERMO – Judgment overturned. The fourth section of the Court of Appeal of Palermo has acquitted Evelina Maffey, head teacher of the second teaching circle "Sant’Agostino" of Sciacca.

She was accused of mistreating three teachers and two assistants administrative. In the first instance the Court of Sciacca had inflicted him a year and four months in prison with the benefit of the suspended sentence.

The facts date back to 2012. The investigation was carried out by the military of the judiciary police section of the Sciacca Public Prosecutor's Office and was triggered by complaints lodged with the then head of the “Sant’Agostino” school, then suspended from office. Maltreatments, provocative and persecutory attitudes put in place by Evelina Maffey that would have generated malaise and states of …

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