Tax fraud from Enna to Milan 17 suspects and assets seized for 1.2 million euros

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The “Ghost credit” operation of the Financiers of the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Enna ended with the notification of 17 notices of conclusion of the preliminary investigations, which hit a criminal association aimed at tax fraud rooted in the province of Enna, which was joined by numerous entrepreneurs, various intermediaries and some complacent professionals.

The measures, in particular, came at the end of detailed investigations, conducted by the military of the Economic-Financial Police Unit of Enna and coordinated by the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, which led to the preventive seizure, ordered by the GIP of the Court of Enna, of sums of money, goods and other benefits, for a total amount of over 1.2 million euros, available to the numerous subjects, individuals and companies, involved in tax fraud.

The development of the investigative activities made it possible, in fact, to outline a unique circumstantial framework which involved an accountant from the province of Enna in the swearing of false VAT credits, quantified in over 1.5 million euros, originating from a construction company in front of work never performed.
These tax credits were later marketed by an Enna service company in favor of 47 entrepreneurs who, by paying them 30% of their nominal value, were thus able to unduly offset their debts towards the State, for an amount equal to the value nominal, accrued against taxes and social security or welfare contributions due.

The investigations, originally limited to the Enna area and later extended, with the execution of numerous searches and seizures of accounting documentation, to different areas of the country, have allowed to identify all the corporate and business realities involved in the fraud, located not only in Sicily, but also in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Liguria, against which administrative disputes will now start to recover the stolen goods and the related penalties.

Three of the suspects, all freelancers, were also challenged with the hypothesis of self-laundering, having transferred part of the illicit profits obtained abroad, in order to hinder their identification.
Assets subject to seizure include various insurance policies, company shareholdings, administered deposit accounts, sums of money deposited in dozens of bank current accounts, 7 buildings, land and a car.


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