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Taser to the Municipal Police of Palermo

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Will the experimentation of the teaser also arrive for the municipal police of Palermo? In this regard, Igor Gelarda, leader of the Lega-prima Italia group at the Palermo city council, states: ” In these first days of more massive experimentation the taser has shown, if there were any doubts, to be a very valid tool for maintaining public order and safety.
In the protection of both citizens and law enforcement operators.
National regulations provide that even the municipal police can now be equipped with an electric gun, which has already happened in 14 other Italian cities.
A tool that has double value both as a deterrent and to maintain public order in certain cases where the safety of the agent is jeopardized.
With a foolish agenda, voted in December 2018 with the first signatories Fabrizio Ferrandelli and Giusto Catania, the municipality of Palermo said no to the allocation of tasers to the municipal police of Palermo

Continuing his analysis of the use and usefulness of this tool, Gelarda emphasizes: “Times have now changed, the hypocrisy of a certain left ready to play with the life of men and women in uniform is no longer tolerable.

The municipal police of Palermo is a precious resource for the city, it cannot and must not be used only to sanction infringements rather it should also be valued and protected (which in my opinion this administration has never done until today) and competitions were held to “restore oxygen” to this body now made up of many subjects too advanced in age to carry out certain tasks.

The League has always been the promoter of a reform concerning the municipal police and more precisely provides for it to be included in the sector of the police.

I think it is right that nowadays the operating sectors are equipped with tasers.
How can you deal with a man on the street who threatens you with a bar or a knife, given that the service weapon is practically impossible to use on these occasions? Should the councilor Catania or the candidate for mayor Ferrandelli go, without tools, on the street to face the dangers and guarantee the safety of the citizens? Obviously not, also because it is not their job and so they do not intervene on matters that do not belong to them.

In Italy we are tired, in accordance with the rhetoric of the worst left, of putting the rights of the violent in the foreground and end up profoundly damaging the rights of honest citizens, poor people and law enforcement agencies.“.