Taormina, Spartà general manager of Asm. The word now goes to the Chamber

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After the final farewell of Nunzio Priolo, Asm wastes no time and proceeds with a double solution to remedy the emergency of the lack in the tourist season of the general manager who is also the legal manager of the municipal services company.
The Board of Asm has asked the city council to meet to deliberate the appointment as CEO of Salvatore Spartà.
The company had previously appointed Priolo as general manager, who took office on February 1 and then resigned on May 25, remaining for another 30 days to allow Asm to begin evaluating an alternative solution and thus prepare for the replacing him.
In the selection that had led to the appointment of Priolo, a second professional had also presented himself who had sent his application for candidacy to dg on November 15, 2021, and it was Spartà himself.
Now, after Priolo’s definitive resignation, resigned on 1 July 2022, the Board of Asm, formed by the president Alfio Auteri and components Mario Smiroldo and Stefano Loria, approved the proposal to appoint the new general manager of Asm, «identifying him in the person of dr.
Spartà ”, born in Randazzo on August 6, 1964.
A choice that will now have to be ratified by the city assembly, as already happened with Priolo.

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