Tangenziale Ovest remains unchecked for at least two hours

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The Siap of Catania has initiated a series of disputes with the Department of Public Safety regarding the failure to apply the contractual guarantee rules for the personnel of the Catanese traffic police departments.
This was announced by the provincial secretary general Tommaso Vendemmia, adding that he then proceeded to send the prefect the reports that unfortunately describe the situation of ‘danger’ to which citizens and workers of the traffic police who operate in the section of the West Ring Road are subjected.
“Unfortunately, for some time now for reasons not clarified to us – says Vendemmia – the section of the Traffic Police has only involved one crew for the entire route (from the San Gregorio-Viale Mediterraneo tollbooth to Passo Martino and back).
Two of these crews, however, come from Caltagirone and Randazzo, and due to the travel time, the Tangenziale Ovest remains unmanned for at least two hours.

“The situation in addition to manifesting a danger for the operators who are forced to travel quickly along the state roads often, if called during the departure and return times – explains Vendemmia -, must intervene on the ring road retracing the reference state roads, wasting a lot of time and risking unpleasant consequences as well as being exposed due to the greater number of kilometers traveled per shift “.
And the lack of controls returns to the dock.
“Because of this way of operating, with a considerable waste of men, means and money – concludes Vendemmia – the most important and busy road in Eastern Sicily, remains without effective control and supervision.
This way of operating exposes users every day of the road who run serious risks due to drivers who, regardless of the safety of others, travel and perform risky maneuvers without being punished by the police “.

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2022-08-05 18:39:00

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