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Tamponi, the new organization of drive in in Palermo has been launched by ASP: this is what changes

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The Palermo ASP reorganizes the anticovid mass screening in drive-in mode.
All the structures of the city and province will remain active, but from tomorrow (Monday 4 April) they will observe a new hours of service to the public with activities staggered during the week (with the exception of the Casa del Sole which will remain open every day).

This is the new organization of the drive in of the Palermo Asp: Casa del Sole open every day (from Monday to Sunday) from 12 to 18; Misilmeri, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 9 to 14; Partinico, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 to 14; Petralia Sottana, Monday from 3 to 7 pm; Termini Imerese, Tuesday (from 12 April) from 9 to 14.

In the drive in of the Palermo ASP, active since last December 31, 55,749 swabs were administered with 10,691 positives found (19.18%).
In the month of March just ended, however, 17,444 swabs were carried out with 4,384 positives (25.13%).