Talk at Ciavuri e Sapori Fest Mondello: Rising Costs and Blocked Bonuses

The cost of energy and electricity bills is a recurring issue for citizens and businesses. At a talk organized by the Ciavuri e Sapuri Fest event, the vice president of the Regional Assembly, Nuccio Di Paola, representatives from Eni-Plenitude, Caec Sebastiano Caggia, and Alessandro Colgiago of Harley & Dikkinson discussed current topics such as solar energy, blocked bonuses, and the need for government intervention. Di Paola criticized the regional administration for hindering the development of photovoltaic systems in Sicily, emphasizing the need to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs. Colgiago highlighted the importance of the government recognizing the efforts made by businesses in this sector and finding a compromise on the ability of the productive fabric to generate quality interventions. Caggia mentioned that Eni Plenitude has not faced major setbacks thanks to monetizing their credits, but emphasized that many families are waiting to complete their homes and need government support.

Costi in bolletta e bonus bloccati: primo talk al Ciavuri e Sapori Fest di Mondello

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