Take part in Catania, Corradi on pole for Multiservizi

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The former president of Sidra could now go and chair another subsidiary


CATANIA – The voice is insistent And Alessandro Corradi does not deny it: “I haven’t been contacted yet, but I’m available for the good of my city”.
It looks like a meeting is scheduled for next week Multiservizi Board of Directorsthe flagship of the investee companies of Municipality of Catania.
On that occasion two names should go towards reconfirmation, while that of president should change: the lawyer Serena Spoto it could be replaced on its own Corradi.
Instead, the councilor would be confirmed Alessia Found and the counselor Antonino Di Giovanni.

Appointments must be made by acting mayor Roberto Bonaccorsi, as the representative of the sole shareholder, the Municipality of Catania.
“I have not spoken with him – explains the lawyer Corradi to LiveSicilia – I am sure that is also evaluating other personalities, but it wouldn’t surprise me to know that in fact I may be one of the names that people think of.
I have already given my willingness to help the city as best as possible, I have done it in the past and I would do it again ”.

Corradi was city ​​councilor from 2008 to 2013 at high altitude PDL.
“I’ve always been a center-right man,” he says.
The center-right of him, already in those days, spoke of closeness with the world ofUdc and with the current regional deputy Luca Sammartino.
“He is still a dear friend of mine,” confirms the lawyer.
Once the council experience has ended, and the administration has changed, Corradi will be the chairman of another investee: the Sidra.
“A technical role,” he taunts.
He was appointed by the then mayor Enzo Bianco.

In 2018, after the election as mayor of Except Pogliese, the step back from Sidra to allow the arrival of a new governance.
Corradi’s name returns to be whispered in the corridors of the Palazzo when it comes to appointments to Sidra and then to Acoset.
In the summer of 2021, then, the preparation for the administrative elections of Misterbianco marks the watershed: “With my friend Aldo Parrinello (former councilor of Nino Di Guardo, today councilor of Corsaro, ed) we have chosen to support the candidacy of Marco Corsaro“, A forceist elected mayor with the overflowing support of the united center-right.
Less Sammartino.
So in July the official announcement arrives: Corradi passes through the Brothers of Italy.
Accompanied by the hand of the former colleague of the city council, today candidate in the 2022 regional elections, Dario Daidone.

A path that could lead Corradi back to preside over an investee.
Despite the risk of having to leave after just one year from the appointment, when the administrative elections in Catania could change the political framework of the city.

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