“Take off your bra, I'll do a manual check …”

Two of them reported, but thanks to a camera placed in the study of Lorenzo Antonino Barresi – the 60-year-old allergist, a native of Catania and serving at the Isme in via Ruggero Settimo who ended up under house arrest yesterday for sexual violence – the investigators managed to record at least another ten cases live in which the doctor would have taken the opportunity to palpate breasts, lower panties and touch the groin of his patients. The suspect boasted of his many specializations (in reality never achieved): “I am a breast specialist, I have a lot of homework, I am an allergist, an immunologist, I deal with preventing degenerative diseases in the elderly …” and doing “things that save life “, going so far as to argue that more than a mammogram or an ultrasound – fundamental controls for the prevention of tumors – would instead have been” the sensitivity of the visitor, instrumental examinations are not enough, the attention of the doctor is important. performs the clinical examination of the breast is a very complex examination … “. For the investigating judge Clelia Maltese, on the other hand, Barresi would have done nothing but force the patients “to undergo sexual acts disguised as clinical checks”, also abusing his role as a doctor and the trust that is normally placed in it.

The complaint: “He touched my breast, he’s a monster …” The investigating judge: “Repeated and almost obsessive conduct” The interceptions of the carabinieri, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Giorgia Righi, were carried out between May and June last, that is, after the complaint presented by two girls and for the judge would confirm the accusations, “the gravity, systematicity and methodology of the conduct set in being by the suspect “in a” repeated and almost obsessive way “. Doubts:” But what does the breast have to do with my urticaria? ” Some of the patients during the “manual check” raised doubts, since in fact they had turned to Barresi to solve problems related to allergies and would have found themselves without a bra, with their panties down, the doctor’s hands on the body, pressed by ” questions not appropriate “, allusive, or related to the functioning of the heart, stomach and intestine:” But why – a woman asked – can this urticaria also be connected to the breast? ” and the doctor replied: “No, but you see in a stressful situation, then we are in an age of transition, the mammary gland is a target organ …”. And to another who wondered about the constant interest in the doctor’s “mammary glands” and their possible connection with allergies, he said: “I’m interested in allergic speech because inflammation takes hold there … Do you see how much good advice I’m giving you? “. ” What down? All things? On May 26, as recorded by the investigators, the doctor receives a 24-year-old girl, who lists a whole series of health problems, including genital inflammation: “What down? All things? Am I going to bed?”. Barresi replies: “The shirt, even the undershirt … so we check those parts where I told you … You have these fracture lines in the top of the nipple which are important to see, the treatment I gave you worked .. . Am I hurt if I press now? “. And again: “Because the problem with these fractures bacteria can be inserted so we have to do a double therapy a little with cortisone a little with the disinfectant pomatin …”. “Let’s unbutton, I’m working to get you feel better…” Then the doctor would have passed to the belly: “Let’s unbutton, lower a little, you have your period right now, we can’t do …”. Finally the suspect states: “I’m working to make you feel better”, the patient is convinced: “I know, doctor, what I want to solve is the intimate question because it bothers me a lot, even when I have intercourse, because a sometimes I can’t … “. Argument that intrigues Barresi: “Here! I wanted to ask you, are these relationships protected? Do you have pain? Ah, a burning … Does it interfere with the typical sensations of the relationship? So there is a specific obstacle …”. The cameras, as stated in the ordinance, would have filmed the groping of the breasts and nipples, but also of the groin area. The cause of the allergy and the hand under the panties Shortly after, Barresi visits another patient and, regardless of the presence of the young woman’s mother, he would have her take off her bra, asking her if she had intimate burns, also palpating the “glands on the sides of the breasts” and the inguinal ones, putting her hand underneath. the briefs and then – say the carabinieri – even lowering her panties. “I do a manual check, I don’t have an ultrasound” Same script with another woman, to whom the allergist checked “breathing, stomach and heart”, making her take off her shirt and telling her to take care of “breast care” and insisting on “a manual check”. “I also deal with breast care, which is why I always care that my patients do all the checks because I am of the opinion that unfortunately the pitfalls are just around the corner …”. Although the patient repeats that she has no problems and that she has also had a mammogram, he insists: “Do you have any body itching? Localized in the region of the breast, such as irritations, dots? But here is a gland … If you wanted to I can do a check-up in the breast … I don’t have an ultrasound, but if you want I am at your disposal, because prevention … “” I save life, the sensitivity of those who do it is important visit” Then Barresi adds: “I deal with breast care … I have a lot of tasks, I am an allergist, an immunologist, I take care of preventing degenerative diseases in the elderly, I am a breast specialist … He understood the vast range of things I am dealing with. Do I occupy? These are all life-saving things … “. And then he remarks: “The sensitivity of those who visit her is important, instrumental examinations are not enough, that is mammography or ultrasound, but the attention of the doctor who carries out the clinical examination of the breast is important, it is a very complex, you have to examine it in various positions, sitting, lying down, you have to study the pericapular region well, because most of the tumors appear there … “. Mother and daughter in the study:” To make a good work you have to dig … ” On 11 June another young woman allegedly subjected her to the same checks, making her undress, groping her breasts, groin and lowering her panties without even asking for permission. The girl’s mother would also have been present and Barresi would have proposed a visit to her as well. The suspect said to the young woman: “You have to remove the shirt … Do you have any breast problems? Itching in the nipple region? It is important, the diagnosis passes through these checks … Give the mask to the mother, lie down .. We check the belly, lower the pants … We have to examine the abdomen well … Do you have pain in the buttock area? We see the heart, the beat … So we are sure that your breasts are OK? … Do spots sometimes appear, irritations, secretions? Because you see (speaking to the mother, ed) many times one stops to consider single manifestations, in reality if you want to do a good job you have to dig … “. “She looks great, she’s still a beautiful girl: raise your bra” The next day, on receiving a patient, the allergist said: “Lady you want to lie down so we check your heart well, do you want to lift your bra a little? So your nipples don’t itch … Do we check well? Let’s lower the panties a little too, so I can see what the abdomen is like … She’s in pain, we have to take care of these things, she doesn’t do the necessary checks … Let’s see the spleen … “. And he added: “But I must say that she is physically very well held, she has a lean physique, congratulations! She is still a beautiful girl, but this age group is the turning point, that’s why I tell her breast checks … I also deal with breast care … “. ” He touched my nipple, I thought I’d report him … ” The visits of 12, but also of 29 and 30 June, during which Barresi would have behaved in the same way with other women were then picked up. In just over a month, therefore, investigators believe they have discovered another ten cases in which the doctor allegedly abused the patients. But the victims could be many more. On June 29, however, the conversation between a patient and her boyfriend was intercepted, in which the girl reported a visit during which Doctor Barresi would have her take off her bra and would have rubbed her nipple: “He unfastened me. the bra and started to make me like this … “. The boyfriend asked: “Have you ever reported him?” and she: “I thought about it …”.

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