Syracuse. Zona Franche Montane, promoting development. Flag Support for the law, vote to counter depopulation

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The regulatory instrument of the Montane Free Zones is fundamental to protect and promote the Sicilian mountain areas and to counteract the serious phenomenon of depopulation, which would seriously jeopardize a heritage of immense cultural, identity and environmental value.

For this reason, I can only share the battle waged by various local administrators to ask the regional government for financial coverage to be included in the budget, which is about to be approved by the regional government.

Local administrators and residents of mountain areas will see me at the forefront and alongside them to support the ARs budget committee and then in the Chamber, the amendment of art.
6 of the voting law approved by Parliament.
A substantial change, which would allow mountain free zones to benefit annually from regional resources, in line with what was stated in a recent ruling by the European Court of Justice.

A significant part of the resources for insularity must be allocated to these Zones.
Areas of territory with enormous economic and social development potential, victims of their peripheral condition and of the infrastructural deficit that must be immediately compensated!

After years of waiting, the time has come to take concrete action in support of interested citizens, businesses and territories.
These are the statements of Edy Bandiera, Syracusan deputy to Ars.

09 July 2022 | 02:39

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