Syracuse. Waste, how were the sums spent on the training and awareness of citizens?

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“Che ended up making the sum foreseen for all those activities that they would have allowed citizens to receive timely information on separate waste collection? We ask the municipal administration, and secondly the company that manages the service, in what the treasure of 1.4 million euros was invested which – according to the contract – was to be used to educate, train and raise awareness among Syracusans towards an increasingly high-quality differentiation ”, thus begins the 5-star Syracuse Movement in a note.

«The technical annex to the municipal waste management service lists a series of targeted initiatives to “unleash a great emotional impact” to spread a widespread knowledge on “correct waste separation” with “recall and stimulus campaigns”.
Communication campaigns – we read – which were strengthened from time to time based on the performance of the collection.

«In the Tekra technical report, which is part of the tender material for the award of the servicewe speak of a “clear, transparent and engaging information campaign, in order to improve the collaboration and the contribution that citizens and commercial users can give to the correct delivery of waste.

“The last few weeks, however, confirm that the Municipality of Syracuse is not in the slightest took care to ensure that its citizens were adequately and consistently trained.
They were left unprepared for the differentiated and, after years, increasingly short of information.
It was inevitable that at a certain point the unpreparedness of the families would emerge, especially in the face of the growing difficulties of the service.

«Never seen the announced video commercials in motion graphics; monitoring campaign not received of home contributions to promote quality, “intervening on the irreducible with targeted checks contextual to the collection; mobile information points; recruitment of eco-volunteers; recall and stimulus campaigns for participation in separate collection by the population; home composting monitoring campaigns with Monicomp; multilingual information for tourists etc etc.

“Yet the Municipality of Syracuse insists on blaming the citizen for the micro-landfills in the city, when instead it has always left him without any training and support, even provided (and paid for).
The fines? To condominiums with trailers on the street (tolerated for years).
Late but right if accompanied by a serious action to combat tax evasion »concludes Movimento 5 stelle Siracusa.

June 30, 2022 | 01:20

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