Syracuse, two arrests for New Year’s barrels: explosive sticks also found

Two arrests and kidnappings in Syracuse after checks by the mobile team to counter the year-end “barrels”. A 36-year-old was arrested in flagrante delicto after he was found by officers in possession of highly dangerous explosive material.

Following a house search, 34 explosive canisters (net weight of 2100 grams) were found hidden in a warehouse. After the usual formalities, the 36-year-old is under house arrest.

Another arrest by the men of the mobile squad against a 31-year-old man, already known to the police forces, for having possessed explosive material of an illegal nature, on charges of failing to report explosive material and for receiving illegal explosive material.

Following a search, the thirty-one-year-old was found in possession of 7 packages of explosive material and pyrotechnic devices, of various categories and classifications, including commercially prohibited ones, for a total of 43,154 grams of total gross mass and 9,244 grams of Nec (content net explosive). He too is under house arrest awaiting the validation hearing.

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