Syracuse. Tomorrow evening the event of the 19th edition of the Teatro Stampa Award

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S.i will be held tomorrow evening, July 1st, at the Greek Theater of Syracuse, at the end of the Oedipus Reissue by Robert Carsen, the delivery of the Teatro Stampa Award, now in its nineteenth edition and organized by the Sicilian Press Association, Syracuse section.

To reward the winner or the winner, who will come out thanks to the vote of the journalists of the national newspapers and regional accredited, will be the president of the Inda Foundation, Francesco Italia, the provincial secretary of Assostampa Siracusa, Prospero Dente, and the superintendent of the National Institute of Ancient Drama, Antonio Calbi.

The award ceremony will be preceded by the delivery of the special mention to the Sicilian artist staged in the 57th cycle of classical shows.
The “Artisti di Sicilia” award is now in its fifth edition.

Also this year the winners will be awarded the almond pearls by Alfio Neri in a special edition for the event.

June 30, 2022 | 12:39

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