Syracuse. The Volanti controls on domiciles. Complaint for violation at 38 years old and reported 20 year old contractor

S.u disposition of the Police Commissioner of Suracusa, Gabriella Ioppolo, Policemen of the Flying Section have carried out sweeping checks aimed at contrasting illegality, target subjects subjected to limitations of personal freedom and other persons placed to preventive measures.

Of particular importance is the control of a 38-year-old subject, from Syracuse, under house arrest who was not present at home at the time of the check and was investigated in a state of freedom for the crime of escape.

In addition, the police officers of the flying as part of prepared services aimed at combating the sale and use of drugs, surprise and report to the competent administrative authority a young Moroccan of 20 years, found in possession of a modest amount of hashish.

09 May 2021 | 11:23

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