Syracuse, the tourism sector manifests itself in Piazza Duomo: jobs and the future are demanded

Work and future are the key words of the event that was held in the late morning in Piazza Duomo, in Syracuse by Confartigianato, Confcommercio and Cna, who reiterated their “no” loud and clear NO against the Reopening Decree which – support the three associations, “risks blowing up the tourist season in Sicily and the whole country.
At stake is the future of all the operators in the tourism sector and of hospitality, put to the test by measures that are never lasting and anything but comforting.
The representatives of the three associations will deliver a shared document to the Prefect of Syracuse, as a representative on the territory of the State, and to the respective National Confederations. Subsequently, they will organize targeted meetings with the deputation and institutional representatives of the Regional and National Government.
The document contains issues related to the vaccination plan, the methods of reopening, especially for restaurateurs, the curfew, economic interventions, and finally the cost of labor and public spaces for operators.
To see the VIDEO INTERVIEWS with Maurizio Filoramo (Pres. Prov. Fipe-Confcommercio), Innocenzo Russo (Pres. Prov. Cna), Enzo Caschetto (Dir. Prov. Confartigianato) click HERE

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