Syracuse, the stories and the protagonists of the ancient drama: four meetings with Italian and international scholars

The Inda Foundation and the editorial board of the Dionysus magazine organize a series of four meetings on the texts and protagonists of the ancient drama. The Inda scene 2021 is the title of the initiative scheduled from 15 April to 27 May, every Thursday at 5 pm, live streaming on the Facebook page of the Inda Foundation.

The editorial board of the magazine Dioniso, published by the Inda Foundation since 1931 and directed today by Professor Guido Paduano, has involved a group of Italian and international scholars who will speak live on the stories and themes of the main texts of classical theater, such as Coefore and Eumenides, the two parts of the Aeschilean trilogy Orestea, Euripides ‘Bacchantes and Aristophanes’ Clouds. Caterina Mordeglia of the University of Trento is responsible for organizing the initiative.

On Thursday 15 April, Walter Lapini, professor at the University of Genoa will speak on Coefore. A return and a revenge. The report will be introduced by Elena Fabbro of the University of Udine. Thursday 29 April, Maria Pia Pattoni of the Catholic University of Bresca will introduce the speech by Massimo Fusillo, professor of the University of L’Aquila. The theme is: Eumenides. The gods on stage. Thursday 13 May Baccanti. A theatrical puzzle is the theme of the meeting with Guido Paduano of the University of Pisa; to introduce Paduano will be Francesco Morosi, also from the University of Pisa.

The meetings will be closed on Thursday 27 May by Professor Jeremy Lefkowitz of Swarthmore College, Philadelphia on the theme of Clouds. Philosophers, education, culture, introduced by Alessandro Grilli of the University of Pisa.

The recordings of all the meetings will also be available on the YouTube channel and on the website of the Inda Foundation,

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