Syracuse, the journalism section removed from the “More south of Tunis” award. The note from Assostampa

SYRACUSE – The provincial secretariat of Assostampa intervenes on the decision of the organization of the national award “More south of Tunis” held every year in Portopalo to eliminate the section dedicated to journalism.

The Secretary of Assostampa Prospero Dente declares: “The organizing staff of the”National Award More South of Tunis“Has eliminated the section dedicated to journalism for the 2021 edition. The motivation, explained by the organizing staff of the event now in its sixteenth edition, sounds like a cry of alarm and, at the same time, like an act of denouncing a crisis of the profession – the journalistic one – now evident. The organizers of “Più a Sud di Tunisi”, which in the long list of winners sees, among many, names such as those of Pino Scaccia, Sandro Petrone, Alfio Caruso, Nino Milazzo, Emanuele Dotto, Tonino Raffa, Gabriella Simoni, Felice Cavallaro , Tony Zermo, Mario Barresi, Massimiliano Castellani, Darwin Pastorin, Paolo Condò, offer a strong provocation to turn the spotlight on too many underpaid or even unpaid journalists. An unspecified number of collaborators of local newspapers are subjected, on a daily basis, to a workload that never stops and remains without due recognition ”.

“What is happening, for example, with the collaborators of the newspaper La Sicilia, waiting for the payment of what has matured in recent months, is the symptom of an editorial crisis that is drowning those who still allow the newspaper to be released today. The act of denunciation of the organizers of the “Premio Portopalo More South of Tunis” comes as a violent lash and offers – adds Prospero Dente -, to the entire category, especially to those who continue to collaborate not perceiving anything because they are reassured by their second profession , which is the main one, an opportunity for reflection and, above all, for pride to say enough to exploit. No solidarity to express to the organizing staff of an award which, undoubtedly, has carved out an important place among national journalistic awards. I don’t think we really need it. Only the awareness of having to listen to this alarm cry and renew, with force, the commitment to protect the dignity of workers that have allowed publishers, over the years, to maintain regular publications and advertising and state contributions “.

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