Syracuse, the appointment of Milena Contento in the Ias board of directors “displeases” the Democratic Party. Which asks for the intervention of the secretary Adorno

The appointment of Milena Contento (member of the Provincial Assembly of the Democratic Party, manager of the Augusta Democratic Party as well as municipal councilor elected on a civic list) to the Board of Directors of the IAS by the center-right Regional Government of President Nello Musumeci, through the ASI extraordinary commissioner appointed by Musumeci himself, an important slice of the Democratic Party does not like it.

“In addition to creating embarrassment, it poses a question to which the Democratic Party must give a true, credible and certain answer. True because the Democratic Party can not be ambiguous either towards members or even less towards public opinion. Credible because the justifications must be based on indisputable facts. Certain as it should be rendered by Contento itself in full responsibility and absolute loyalty – the executives Enzo Pupillo, Giovanni Giuca, Salvo Sbona, Francesca Furfaro, Giuseppe Demma, Gaetano Cutrufo, Tanino Firenze write – This office exercised on behalf of the Regional Government, in fact, makes permanence in the party with managerial roles incompatible. The declaration of the Provincial Secretary adds doubts and perplexities on the appointment, limiting itself to a mere acknowledgment of the incident and the denial of paternity. This declaration is not sufficient to give dignity to the action of the party, as a great embarrassment remains among the leaders and the militants, accentuated by the fact that no initiative has so far been undertaken by the provincial secretary to reach a clarification of the incident. A hypocritical attitude would take away even more credibility from our party. Truth and consequential acts of clarity are needed to avoid malicious interpretations. We expect from the provincial secretary, with immediacy, a strong political initiative, accompanied by consequential measures, to protect the dignity of the party and the dignity of all of us ”.

And then the ball passes to the provincial secretary of the Democratic Party of Syracuse, Salvo Adorno, who recently highlighted “the lack of transparency and competence criteria in previous appointments “ underlining how the appointment of Contento was not an expression of the Democratic Party, “Which disavows it, has not in fact passed from the internal discussion of the party”.

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