Syracuse system: Amara involves the Messina Barbaro prosecutor, who is not there

According to the prosecutors led by Raffaele Cantone, Palamara would have reported to the entrepreneur Fabrizio Centofanti, his co-defendant before the GUP of the Umbrian capital, secret news on the investigation that the Messina prosecutor was carrying out on the so-called “Syracuse System”. There is a revelation of confidential information at the center of the new accusations that the Prosecutor of Perugia addresses to the former Rome prosecutor Luca Palamara. The former magistrate of the Messina investigation was informed by Vincenzo Barbaro, at the time acting attorney in Messina, now attorney general of the City of the Strait.

To tell the detail to the Perugian magistrates would be the lawyer Piero Amara, who was then arrested with Centofanti in the context of the investigation into the Syracuse system. In the chats of Palamara, examined by the Prosecutor of Perugia, there would be several contacts with the Attorney General of Messina who is not currently under investigation.

“The disclosure of news is clearly non-existent, as can be proven in the competent offices with irrefutable documentary production, as well as with the deposition of all the subjects who for various reasons have dealt with the process. For this reason I am already announcing adequate judicial initiatives against those responsible – says the attorney general of Messina, Vincenzo Barbaro – However, I cannot refrain from noting two strange temporal coincidences: the undersigned, in my capacity as Attorney General of Messina, filed an appeal in cassation against the plea bargaining sentence concerning the co-defendant of the lawyer Amara, namely the lawyer Calafiore, for inadequacy penalty; and just tomorrow (today, ed.) a delicate process will begin in Reggio Calabria in which the writer is an offended party in multiple defamation crimes “.