Syracuse, Saetta (Idea movement) restore the ferry from the island to Ortigia

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For two months, the Idea movement has been monitoring the territory with the aim of bringing to the attention of the Syracuse Administration the areas of the city that, from the point of view of the movement, need interventions: from the traditional holes that characterize some stretches of road to to public parks, from urban planning interventions aimed at better traffic management to public lighting.

Last but not least, the thorny issue of waste and the problems inherent in the bathing area.
On this point, the last report concerns the ferry used by citizens and tourists to reach Ortigia from the Isola area.

“We believe it is of fundamental importance to restore a service that has always allowed thousands of users to move easily – declared Nicolò Saetta, Idea’s city coordinator -.
Furthermore, the solution is framed in the perspective of sustainability, as it would drastically reduce the number of cars in the city which, even more so in the summer period, clog up the main streets leading to the Syracusan historic center.
A smaller number of vehicles would imply a decrease in CO2 in the air and noise pollution, as well as a better livability of the aforementioned roads “.

Already in the past weeks, the representatives of the Idea movement have brought some problems to the attention of the administration.
A habit, in the interest of citizens, which will also be maintained in the future.

“We are happy that several reports have been received by those who govern the city – concluded Saetta -.
It happened for the maintenance of the parking lot in Via Tersicore, in Fontane Bianche, which has always been important for residents and tourists.
For other questions we still await an answer, but we will continue to report and act in the absolute interest of the Syracusans ”.

News from Sicily 2022-07-01 16:45:00

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