Syracuse, Raffaella Mauceri died a life for feminism

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At every demonstration, every event, anniversary, cry for help, she was there.
From today, however, Raffaella Mauceri will no longer be there: during the night the woman who made a life mission of feminism and the fight against violence against women died in her home.

First at the head of Le Nereidi, and then at the anti-violence center network and finally at the Ipazia anti-violence center, Mauceri created a small shelter for women who have been abused, beaten and mocked.
At all of her conferences she never spared accusations against men who offend women because, she always stressed, this too is violence.
But devious, less recognizable.

From tomorrow Raffaella will not be there, but she leaves a human heritage to the city.
Although, the lack of him will be felt.

To give the last farewell to Raffaella Mauceri, a funeral home has been set up at her home in via Acquaviva Platani, 12, open this afternoon from 4 to 8 pm and Sunday morning from 9 to 1 pm.
donations in favor of the Ipazia Anti-Violence Center which she helped to give birth with her tireless stubbornness and passion, also as a trainer for the new generations of volunteers.

“She was a tenacious journalist, who dedicated her commitment not only professionally to women’s rights and gender equality.
It will be difficult to fill the void you leave in our city “.
With these words, the mayor Francesco Italia, on behalf of the Administration and the Syracusans, joins the condolences for the death of Raffaella Mauceri.

“In a country where, as we still see today, the rights of the weakest people are struggling to assert themselves, Raffaella Mauceri – continues the mayor of Italy – has represented a point of reference for women who struggle and claim their role in society in a equal position.
Among these, especially those who have been and are victims of violence.
A constant commitment, born in the years in which feminism took hold and which she carried on throughout her life with the same passion and competence.
I am sure that Syracuse will be able to remember it in the right way “.

News from Sicily 2022-07-02 15:40:00

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