Syracuse, presented the new underwater archaeological route Le Mazzere it is located in zone B of Amp Plemmirio

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A day full of emotions in the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area where, this morning, the new underwater archaeological itinerary Le Mazzere was presented.
Created with the aim of protecting, safeguarding and enhancing the submerged cultural heritage, in accordance with the institutional purposes of the Syracusan marine reserve, the guided archaeological itinerary is already usable by divers both independently and with the accompaniment of diving center diving guides.

The site concerned is located in zone B of the marine area and is identified with the name of “Mazzere” already in the past used as a diving site in the protected sea of ​​Plemmirio.
Many ideas and news emerged during the morning which saw the participation of exceptional speakers.
The vice president of the Amp Plemmirio Marco Mastriani, who opened the conference, focused on the importance of a wider and more complete use of the territory.

“There is – said Mastriani – a strong relationship between the cultural and natural aspects of the places we intend to promote knowledge and enhancement, both on land and at sea.
We can only greet with satisfaction any eco-compatible initiative that goes in the direction of increasing the tourist offer starting from our sea, which has enormous attraction potential ”.

The municipal councilor Fabio Granata recalled the great synergy and the common vision that linked him to the figure of Sebastiano Tusa, first and historical Superintendent of the sea.
“At that time – recalled Granata – there was no distinction between the political and administrative data, what emerged with great force was only the desire to protect and enhance the sea.
Today, we are still here talking about the continuation of that happy intuition.
We are in the presence of a new frontier of travel to Sicily, we have a “widespread museum” in these extraordinary places and the mother of all battles now can only be the institution of a terrestrial reserve of Plemmirio, which will promote a grandiose path of rediscovery , with an extension that will include the entire Syracusan coast “.
After the institutional greetings for the Free Consortium of the Municipality, by Giovanni Vallone and, for the local harbor master’s office of Lieutenant Anna Bonanno, Pietro Selvaggio, executive officer of the Superintendence of the Sea of ​​the Sicilian Region, intervened, who brought the greetings of the Superintendent Ferdinando Maurici.
Also present at the conference was Maurici’s brother, Giuseppe, director of the Region’s Environment Department.

Many news on the carpet announced by the official of the Superintendence of the Sea, who was accompanied by Salvo Emma and Aurelio Vaccaro, members of the Underwater Unit of the Entity.
From the beginning of the searches in the deep sea (Pas Progetto Altofondale Sicilia), to the searches and excavations of the Marausa2 ship and the Gela2 ship wreck, or the excavation of the Scoglio Bottazza wreck departing in July, and up to the construction of the Marina Regia Arsenal of Palermo destined to become the Museum of the Sea.

“These are initiatives – explained Selvaggio – which started with Tusa Superintendent and on which we are still working, one of the main objectives was precisely the creation of underwater archaeological routes and that of Plemmirio is the number twenty-four in Sicily”.

The intervention of Valeria Li Vigni, former Superintendent of the Sea, widow of Tusa, president of the homonymous Foundation, who reported on the importance of underwater itineraries in the network of archaeological parks, is highly anticipated.
Li Vigni, with the help of slides, told the current commitment of the Tusa Foundation and the Archaeological Magazine, which ranges from the development of surveys and research, to the training of young people, to the promotion of archaeometric investigations and new technologies at the service of the activities underwater.
Among the videos proposed, also the “heart” of Tusa, a sculpture by Giacomo Rizzo which is located in Punta Falconieri in the depths of Ustica.

“I thank the president of the marine protected area Plemmirio Patrizia Maiorca – highlighted Li Vigni – for this important synergy in the name of love for the sea, it is nice to find here friends of twenty years with whom we have shared many projects that now we are realizing “.

Following, an in-depth study on the archeology of Plemmirio, from Prehistory to late antiquity by the archaeologist Paolo Scalora, former author of studies on the area that have brought to light various curiosities, in particular on the Pillirina.
“In the Grotto – Scalora said, among other things in an excursus rich in history and anecdotes, on places and also on toponyms – we even found hippopotamus teeth”.
Lorenzo Guzzardi, director of the Archaeological Park of Leontinoi also expressed appreciation for the initiative.

Finally, the word was passed to Fabio Portella, instructor and diving guide of Capo Murro Diving Center, who also assisted by the biologist Linda Pasolli present at the event, had the task of illustrating in detail the new path of “Le Mazzere” in the sea protected by Plemmirio.
“Mine – began Portella – was an idea, the objects were already there”.

In this site, the storms of recent years, have discovered some anchors in lead and iron, which suggest that the area may represent an ancient anchorage site as it is well sheltered from the prevailing north-east wind.

“The anchors – Portella explained – are distributed along a rocky ridge at a depth of between 20 and 28 meters and emerge from a sandy bottom mixed with Posidonia oceanica.
In the area there are also blocks of stone attributable to the fishing activities of the ex-tonnarella di Terrauzza.
These blocks, called mazzere, give the name to the diving spot ”.

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