Syracuse. Persecutory conduct and death threats to the ex: 42-year-old violent under house arrest

A worn-out relationship made up of harassment, humiliation and both moral and physical attacks never revealed. A tortured story that had been going on for some time, a stormy relationship, full of unknowns. In recent times, persecutory conduct and death threats.

Yesterday afternoon, police officers carried out the precautionary measure of house arrest against a 42-year-old Syracusan, responsible for the crime of mistreatment in the family, persecutory acts, the carrying of weapons and tools to offend.

The man, during the six years of cohabitation, was accustomed to harass the former partner both physically (throwing at her everyday objects such as ashtrays, remote controls, shoes and chairs) and morally, addressing extremely vulgar and insulting epithets.

After the relationship ended a few months ago, the man, not resigning himself, began to persecute the woman, lurking under her parents’ house, where the woman lives. During one of these ambushes, officers intervened who found a baseball bat in the man’s car.

On March 6, the woman tried to escape by driving away with her parents in the car, but this triggered the reaction of the man who followed the car by throwing a glass bottle from the window that hit the woman’s father, injuring him.

The persecutory episodes continued until the victim reported the man.

April 28, 2021 | 11:51