Syracuse, on August 9 at the Maniace the show I Menecmi

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After the success with the public, recording two sold out dates for the first dates, the young artists of Van – towards other narratives – continue to move around Sicily.
The company made up entirely of alumni from all over Italy graduated from the Inda Foundation’s Academy of Art of Ancient Drama, after having worked with artists of national and international fame, takes on tour in stone theaters and not only the adaptation theatrical “I Menecmi” by Tito Maccio Plauto.

Comedy of misunderstandings par excellence, one of the most famous works of the Plautian corpus.
The project stems from a feeling of profound disorientation, the same that affects the two twin brothers protagonists of the comedy and all the other bizarre characters that revolve around this great carousel.
Eight actors on stage even if the roles as per tradition are more.
Pillar of the show is the word, but a fundamental game is also assumed by music.

The staging is embellished by the slender and multifunctional scenography signed by Carlo Gilè.
The meticulous work on adapting the text to the original music borrowed from the Pop soundscape, so dear to everyone’s ears, helps to make the staging more usable and enjoyable.

The feeling of confusion and disorientation purely Plautus is the key that leads actors and spectators towards the coveted final acknowledgment, resolution of all misunderstandings and panacea for all evils.
Even the servants here, not only the masters have their very high dignity and their hopes for freedom.
The company will repeat the show on 9 August at 9 pm at the Maniace castle in Syracuse.

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2022-08-06 16:11:00

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