Syracuse, off to the international film festival with the pre-opening event of the XIII edition of Ortigia Film Festival

The international film festival of the city of Syracuse kicks off on Sunday 11 July with the pre-opening event of the XIII edition of Ortigia Film Festival, founded by Lisa Romano with the artistic direction of Lisa Romano and Paola Poli.
The artist Mauro Balletti will conceive, at the Fonte Aretusa, a symbolic place of the island of Ortigia, a video installation entitled “Of love and light” in a place where myth and reality meet. A project wanted by the festival in collaboration with Civita Sicilia and with the Consorzio del Limone di Siracusa IGP.
Located in the oldest part of the city of Syracuse and immersed in the green of papyrus, the Fonte Aretusa is a source of fresh water that reaches the island via underground and then gushes out a few meters from the sea, creating a small lake. semicircular.

A place of ancient memory, frequented by almost all tourists who pass by to observe the only place in Europe where papyri naturally arise next to the sea. This source has guarded and fed the myth of Alfeo and Arethusa over time. One of the most fascinating in the city of Syracuse. The Civita Association, the current concessionaire of the site, has embraced the idea of ​​an installation exhibition that through the light, symbol of the city, and with the support of technology, revisits the place, giving new life to the myth.
The artist Mauro Balletti, a multifaceted soul with multiple facets, gave shape to the project, who managed to create some of the most iconic portraits of Mina with whom he formed a human and professional partnership born in the early seventies and that all now it lasts.

With Mauro Balletti, author of the manifesto of Ortigia Film Festival 2021, the festival has decided to create a video installation that through its works becomes a videomapping developed within the mural circle of the Fonte Aretusa, without intervening on the water mirror and on the papyri , but around, to give new light and visibility to the myth. Furthermore, videomapping is a clean technology that, when the projector lights are turned off, does not invade the monument in any way. “We believe it is a great opportunity – say the organizers – to combine a symbolic place of Syracuse with the digital art of an innovator, visionary like Balletti. We are convinced that an artistic operation of this kind is destined to have a significant communicative visibility even outside the city of Syracuse. The unique project of its kind will give rise to a great media exploit in the city and in Sicily as a whole ”.

The locations of Ortigia Film Festival 2021 this year are: Arena Minerva, Arena Logoteta, Cortile Ex Convento San Francesco, Sala Ferruzza Romano Marine Protected Area of ​​Plemmirio and Fonte Aretusa.
Due to Covid19 distancing to access the Minerva Area and the Logoteta Arena, it is mandatory to purchase a seat online by clicking on the program section of the website
The entrance to the courtyard of the former Convent of San Francesco and to the projection room of the Marine Protected Area is free while seats last.

Ortigia Film Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture – MiC, Sicilian Region, Department of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment, Department of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment – Sicily Film Commission, as part of the Sensi Contemporanei project and the Municipality of Syracuse.

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