Syracuse. Mazzarrona urban regeneration project presented

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The hope is that these projects can now become reality.
The urban regeneration project carried out by the students of the Bioclimatic Design and Executive Design courses, held by the teacher Luigi Alini, in the Special Didactic Structure of Architecture, Department DICAr, of the University of Catania.

The study project, which saw the collaboration with the Val di Noto Community Foundation, was presented on Wednesday afternoon in the Auditorium Hall of the Church of San Corrado Confalonieri, in via Luigi Foti in Syracuse.

The design activity was centered on the Mazzarrona district and in particular on the area between via Foti and the Rossana Maiorca cycle and pedestrian path.

The work of comparison with the territory, with the people who live there, was fundamental to understand what their requests are to improve the neighborhood.

The president, lawyer Giovanni Grasso, presented the collaboration with the Foundation.
“We decided to support the project – explained Grasso – because we believe in the redevelopment and recovery of urban suburbs.
There is a high population density here, but many services are lacking.

These are buildings with a special agreement, while there are no building investments by private individuals.
It is therefore necessary to reverse this trend and aim for redevelopment.
But this can only happen if the community takes the reins of this change ”.

Professor Alini illustrated the general lines of the project: the focus of the study is the quality of the public space; social gardens as an opportunity for discussion and relationships, the environment as an opportunity for socio-economic development for the neighborhood; heat islands and urban forestry strategies.

“We are ready to support the Foundation and the municipal administration – said Alini -, we are ready to put our experience and our knowledge at the service of the territory.
Our regeneration proposal for Mazzarrona is based on a systemic approach, it is the result of many specific actions, minute activities that act on interstitial spaces, on proximity relationships, on the quality of public space.

Public space as a common good in order to affect the quality of life of citizens.
All together, citizens and institutions, we are called to do their part.
We need to have more courage and become aware of the extraordinary environmental and landscape value of some areas of our city “.

Among other interventions that of the municipal councilor for social policies Concetta Carbone, by Sonia Di Giacomo, president of the Order of Architects PP.CC.
of the province of Syracuse.

Finally, the professors Rita Valenti and Francesco Nocera of the SDS of Architecture, who underlined the importance of collaboration with residents and the start of an “energy community” with the production of energy with photovoltaic systems.

Lastly, not in order of importance, space for the students who presented the long work carried out, the students are: Mara Salamone, Luca Spadaro, Federica Santagati, Federica Ursino, Giovanni Consoli, Angela Maria Emanuela Di Franco, Ausilia Giannone, Giuseppe Motta, Chiara Rinaldi, Federica Valenti, Saverio Cristaldi, Mattia Agatino Rizzo, Simone Palermo, Hushman Toluian, Veronica Inturri, Jordan Donzelli, Giuseppe Gambino, Matteo Gagliano, Mariachiara Fiducia, Giada Crementi, Roberta Cerruto, Nicoletta Denaro, Beatrice Cucuzza, Salvatore Scollo , Giuseppe Nicotra, Gianmarco Rosetta, Giuseppe Gabriele Ascia, Tatiana Barbagallo, Rebecca Santonocito, Anna Bellia, Paola Barbagallo, Paola Marletta, Sara Jerbi, Enza Maria Roccasalva, Roberta Corica, Andrea Russo, Stefania Calleri, Claudio Cundari, Sonia Divita, Giuseppe Nicotra .

15 July 2022 | 08:37