Syracuse, Mangiafico: “The project of the new cemetery is stopped”

Dirt, little maintenance, lack of seats and general neglect. This is how the Syracuse cemetery presents itself today, a topic raised by Michele Mangiafico, former vice president of the City Council, who turns his gaze to the future: that is, to the new cemetery.

The area where the structure will rise was identified in the early 2000s in the Serramendola district. The Visentin Administration in 2012 entrusted the finance project for its realization to a consortium of companies. The work in 2016 got the Vas.

“This is a new public work that will allow citizens to have 18,000 new niches and 3,000 in the first year alone, an area intended for cremation, an area for the faithful of cults other than the Catholic religion, a cemetery area for pets “ – explains Mangiafico.
“Unfortunately, even in this case, we are faced with the proof of the indolence with which the outgoing municipal administration faces issues of great importance, resolving the atavistic problems of our city, still making a place in the cemetery precious and impossible to find. faced with the possibility of completing a great public work. – says the former vice president of the city council – In the last two years, in fact, the sole person in charge of the procedure has been changed three times and, in fact, no card has been moved starting from the land expropriation procedures. “

For several years, the same sentence has been repeated over and over in the Single Planning Document attached to the Municipal Administration Budget: “The contract for the construction of the new Syracuse cemetery is in the process of signing”.

“We imagine a different city, – concludes Mangiafico – in which the small daily goals will not be passed off as great goals and the great goals will be pursued in earnest. A city to which the vision of a place of memory will be returned and where Syracusans will not be forced to bury their loved ones outside the municipal area. A city where the new municipal cemetery of Syracuse will be built. “

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