Syracuse, Maieli’s assets “frozen”: one million assets seized

At the request of the District Attorney’s Office, the Court of Catania – Prevention measures section ordered an anti-mafia asset prevention measure by subjecting the assets available to Gaetano Maieli to seizure, a person belonging to an Aretusan criminal organization historically linked to the well-known Bottaro mafia family -Attanasio, for a total value of over 1 million euros.

The provision comes at the end of judicial police investigations carried out by the yellow flames also from an economic-financial point of view.

In particular, the patrimonial investigations carried out by the financiers of the economic-financial police nucleus of Syracuse made it possible to gather elements proving the fraudulent action of Maieli who, through the reuse of illicit proceeds deriving from drug dealing, set up and started a note commercial activity in the capital operating in the catering sector in an area with a strong tourist vocation.

In order to conceal the real ownership of the company, Maieli only formally entrusted the management of the business to his partner and to another subject with a clean record, who held the role of mere frontman.

The reuse of illicit proceeds also took the form of the purchase of an apartment in Syracuse with about 6 rooms where the family of the person to whom the anti-mafia prevention measure was applied resides.

The Police of Dinza, in compliance with the directives of the Catania District Attorney’s Office, made use of the most modern IT systems to assist the Body’s patrimonial investigations such as the “Molecola” software, created by the Central Service for Investigation of Organized Crime (SCICO) as well as of the “Dorsale Informatica”, a platform that significantly reduces information search times by optimizing work processes and profitably directing investigations aimed, in this specific case, at finding organized crime infiltrations in the legal economic fabric of Syracuse.

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