Syracuse, Licia Gioia’s death: her policeman husband also acquitted on appeal

Acquittal also on appeal for Francesco Ferrari, the 47-year-old police officer, on duty in Syracuse, accused for the murder of Licia Gioia, the non-commissioned officer of the carabinieri found lifeless in the couple’s villa in February 2017.
The victim’s family had filed an appeal after the sentence of the gup of the Court of Syracuse issued about a year ago.
In an initial phase of the investigation, the 47-year-old had been investigated for instigating suicide, then the prosecutors decided to proceed for murder, assuming that the crime would have matured at the height of a dispute between the couple.
Ferrari has always supported the thesis of his wife’s suicide, who, in his opinion, on other occasions would have expressed the intention to take his own life. After the reports of the Court’s experts, the prosecutor Gaetano Bono, he would be convinced of the lack of the conditions for a conviction for murder. After the sentence of the Court of Appeal of Catania, for the family there is only the appeal to the Supreme Court.

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