Syracuse. It is the moment of shame, in via Tisia there is no space for trees. Alicata Dishonorable silence from the Mayor

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«The moment of shame! As it is easy to deduce, going to the places, there will be no trees on viale Tisia and via Pitia, where the works and the installation of the new sidewalks continue.

It is quite evident that there is a lack of space to allocate the trees cried out in a loud voice from various quarters, in the execrable and dishonorable silence of the Mayor and the council.
How is it possible to conceive the redevelopment of a central avenue of the city, financed with huge economic resources, imagining it in 2022 devoid of trees?

“How is it possible that the Municipality, while carrying out public works of a certain importance, for which we will not hesitate to applaud once completed, for the quality of the efforts made, conceives this avenue so redeveloped, actually only as an unpleasant expanse of concrete and buildings burnt by the sun, pursuing the same unhealthy idea after so many decades that gave rise to the “avenue” Zecchino?

«Lastly, the excellent arguments of the“ Pink Brigades ”Association certainly deserve to be heard by a Municipality that has chosen, on the other hand, an unbecoming and reprehensible silence on the subject.

“Clarify, once and for all, Italy whether the infamous decision not to tree is or is not the result of a distorted and censurable, but legitimate, vision of your Administration or whether it is the result of external” solicitations “, of some operator, for example, who has not yet understood how the trees of an avenue encourage people to frequent it more and, therefore, to linger more on the shop windows, not at all “obscured” by the leaves of the trees.

“Let the lethargic Mayor finally clarify the clarity of his actions, offering the public opinion the” valid “arguments that would exclude the tree in Viale Tisia, then leaving the citizens to evaluate his work, disappointing and ruinous for us, in the case in point “.
These are the statements of Bruno Alicata, provincial coordinator of Forza Italia.

June 24, 2022 | 12:49

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