Syracuse. Ideal service dispute, nothing new for the contract. Trade unions ready in the square –

“We are no longer able to comment on these silences and the absence of certainties. It seems that everything has run aground again between the various managers and the days go by without even an idea for the near future ”.

They say it Alessandro Vasquez ed Anna Floridia, respectively secretaries of Filcams Cgil and Uiltucs Syracuse, regarding the dispute concerning the contract of the concierge service, mail delivery and protocol of the Municipality of Syracuse, suspended and entrusted to the internal staff of the Administration.

March 31, the expiry date of the redundancy fund for workers of the ideal service, is almost upon us, but the affair seems far from close to the solution.

Alessandro Vasquez ed Anna Floridia therefore do not exclude the use of the square, with a new demonstration below Vermexio Palace.

(photo: from FB Filcams Cgil page)

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