Syracuse. Guardia di Finanza seizes 70 tons of counterfeit pellets and 500 unsafe LPG cylinders. Report two people

M.axi seizure of 70 tons of pellets by the financiers of the Syracuse Finance Police. The military of the provincial command operated in two municipalities of the province of Arezzo, approximately 70 tons of pellets reporting counterfeit trademarks as well as approx 500 LPG cylinders. found to lack the safety requirements.

The activity – related to the seizure of pellets – was born from a monitoring carried out from Special Core Goods and services of the Guardia di Finanza of Rome on the various platforms of sale on line of biofuel reporting certification marksENplus “and” SGS Italia “.

The attention of the investigators, among the target highlighted, also affected a Floridian enterprise operating in the sector of production is distribution biofuel: the financiers of the local Company, with the support of the specialists of the aforementioned Nucleus, they kidnapped about 70 tons of pellets reporting unduly the certification marks “ENplusisSGS Italy“.

In addition to the large amount of pellets, partly already packaged in 15 kg bags, the military has seized the whole production line in order to protect customers who would have been misled into purchasing products of proven quality, ostentatious to the public through undue affixing of certification marks.

The owner of the company was referred to the local judicial authority for the offenses of trade in products with counterfeit brands, sale of industrial products with false signs and fraud in the exercise of trade.

Further interventions a consumer protection were carried out in recent days by the Green Basques of the local Company: during the ordinary economic control services of the territory arranged by Provincial Commander of Syracuse, the military have kidnapped about 500 LPG cylinders for domestic use (common cooking cylinders, for camping, etc.).

After a careful survey of the places, the financiers have accessed two commercial activities operating in the municipality of Arezzo, finding and seizing about 4,000 kg of LPG, stored in containers of different sizes, given that the holders were respectively in possession of an expired and not renewed authorization or an authorization for the holding of very limited quantities, precisely by virtue of the stringent safety requirements relating to the urban area.

At the end of the activities the two Syracusan subjects have been referred to the local Judicial Authority for the violation of the regulations in force on the safety of energy products.

The service operations further testify to the strategic role of the Guardia di Finanza in contrasting any illegal conduct that may harm the interests of the community.

05 May 2021 | 11:37