Syracuse, Gradenigo on via Tisia More trees and a rubber curb instead of the traffic island

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Adopt an update to the modernization project of via Tisia and via Pitia with the insertion, to replace the bitter oranges to be planted in the currently planned central traffic divider bed, of a double row of trees to be inserted on the sides of the roadway.

This is the request of Carlo Gradenigo, as president of Loyalty and Sharing.

“This change – says Gradenigo – will make it possible to adapt the project to the needs dictated by climatic changes that now make the presence of trees in residential and commercial areas unfailing, as well as to concretely implement the regeneration of the natural shopping center where the planned intervention is also finalized.
We note that we have also requested informally, in order to identify shared solutions in relation to the species of trees that can best meet the needs exposed, also a special meeting with the managers of the Ce.Na.Co., extended to the intervention of the other political forces involved, but we believe it necessary that this initiative can be made its own directly by this Administration, also in order to speed up the approval times of the proposed project changes in compliance with article 31 of the municipal green regulation in force.
In any case, we ask that, pending the approval of the proposed modification of the project, the works in progress are not interrupted but be directed to other realizations without prejudice to the modifications that are intended to be agreed.
The project modification is allowed by the current Public Procurement Code if the costs to be incurred do not vary the overall economic framework object of the contract “.

And then on the median that should be built Gradenigo says: “it is believed that the green arrangement of the central divider can be excluded given its purely aesthetic function, recovering the sums of excavation, disposal, curbing, topsoil, trees, irrigation system, evaluating its replacement, for example with a rubber curb that maintains the functions of the traffic divider, guaranteeing the possibility of being crossed by emergency vehicles in the event of an extreme emergency; however, accounting derogations have recently been adopted in light of the difficulties in supplying raw materials caused by the ongoing war events.

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